Corporate Overview

PROG Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:PRG) is a financial technology holding company based in Salt Lake City, Utah with three business segments: Progressive Leasing, which offers lease-to-own transactions primarily to credit-challenged consumers through e-commerce and point-of-sale retail partners, via online, mobile, and in-store solutions; Vive Financial, which provides consumers who may not qualify for traditional prime lending with a variety of second-look, revolving credit products through private label and branded credit cards; and Four Technologies, which provides consumers of all credit backgrounds Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options through four interest-free installments via its platform, Four.

Progressive Leasing provides consumers with lease-purchase solutions for merchandise, including furniture, appliances, electronics, jewelry, mobile phones and accessories, mattresses, and automobile electronics and accessories from leading traditional and e-commerce retailers (whom we refer to as our point-of-sale partners or "POS partners"). Progressive Leasing purchases from its POS partners the merchandise desired by customers and, in turn, leases the merchandise to the customers through a lease-to-own transaction. Progressive Leasing's technology-based, proprietary decisioning platform offers prompt lease decisioning at the point-of-sale and is integrated with both traditional and e-commerce POS partners. Progressive Leasing provides customers with transparent and competitive lease payment options along with flexible terms, intended to help customers achieve merchandise ownership, including through low initial payments and early buyout options. The lease-to-own transactions also benefit Progressive Leasing's POS partners by generating incremental sales with credit-challenged consumers who typically would not have qualified for financing offers traditionally provided by these retailers. Progressive Leasing has funded over 10 million leases since its inception in 1999.

Vive Financial primarily serves customers that may not qualify for traditional prime lending offers who desire to purchase goods and services from participating merchants. Vive Financial offers customized programs, with services that include revolving loans through private label and Vive Financial-branded credit cards. Its current network of over 3,000 point-of-sale partner locations and e-commerce websites includes furniture, mattresses, fitness equipment, and home improvement retailers, as well as medical and dental service providers. The Company believes the Vive Financial product offerings are complementary to those of Progressive Leasing and Four Technologies and allow those companies to expand into the markets and POS partners that Vive Financial serves. Vive Financial extends or declines credit to an applicant through third-party bank partners based upon the applicant's credit profile. Vive Financial’s bank partners originate the loan by providing financing to our POS partner at the point-of-sale and acquire the receivables at a discount from the loan face value. Vive Financial then acquires the receivable from the bank and services the account. Qualifying customers receive a credit card to finance their initial purchase and to use in subsequent purchases at the POS partner or other participating partners and Vive Financial will renew the account if the customer remains active and in good standing. The customer is required to make minimum monthly payments and may pay certain annual and other periodic fees.

Four Technologies is a financial technology company founded in 2018 to provide consumers with a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) payment option for acquiring the merchandise they desire through four interest-free installments. Its proprietary BNPL platform, Four, allows retailers to empower their shoppers by offering a BNPL solution alongside other payment options, providing shoppers with more flexibility. Shoppers use Four to purchase furniture, clothing, electronics, health and beauty, footwear, jewelry, and other consumer goods from retailers across the United States.

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